How to use the search options (above)

The idea behind KindleSF is to provide a way of searching for sci-fi books by the type of story. So if you're primarily interested in stories that involve alien worlds, you can check the 'Alien worlds' box (do this by using the 4-way controller to move the cursor over the box, then click the middle of the controller) and when you press Search, you'll see books that feature alien worlds. It's that simple!

If you want to narrow your search, you can choose more than one type say, 'Alien worlds' and 'Conflict'. You can then choose a 'Match Type' under where it says 'Match Type', surprisingly. The options here are to match ALL boxes against the library, i.e. the search will return only books that feature alien worlds AND conflict, or to match ANY boxes, i.e. the search returns books that feature alien worlds OR conflict (or both).

You can also show the results in a random order (default), which changes every hour to make sure you don't see the same old books all the time, or by publication date, which is handy if you want to see new releases.

We hope you find the tool and the site useful but we're always happy to hear comments or suggestions - just drop us a line