Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose which books are included?

Our aim with Kindle SF was not simply to repeat Amazon's own library - there'd be no point. We wanted to provide not only a way of finding the right type of sci-fi, but also to ensure that any you find here will be good books worth reading.

We therefore base our selections upon three criteria: If we've read the book ourselves and liked it, it goes in (it's our site, after all!). If we haven't read the book but know the author to be well-known and reliable, it'll probably go in. If we don't know the author, we'll rely upon Amazon's customer review ratings and include the book only if it has 4 stars or more, and at least 10 reviews..

Will you include my self-published book?

We have no bias against self-published works so long as they fit into the criteria outlined above. If we've read your book and rate it well, or if it's received more than 10 Amazon customer reviews at an average of 4 stars or more, it'll stand a good chance of going in.

Please don't be upset if we haven't included your work - it may simply be an oversight. We're more than happy to look at requests at any time.

How good are your categories?

We're only human, and while it's pretty easy to get the categories right for SF books we've read, it can be a lot harder for those we haven't. Sometimes the story description misses out key elements (like a robot or an alien world). We're planning to introduce a 'customer correction' process where you'll be able to suggest category corrections but we haven't worked out the best method yet. In the meantime, if you find a book you think is in the wrong category or is missing a classification, please contact us

Why don't you show prices or ratings?

Don't blame us, blame Amazon. With paper books Amazon provides a very useful method of retrieving all sorts of information about the work - including it's current price - but for reasons best known to them, Amazon don't provide the same level of information for Kindle books.

We could copy the information manually, but since ratings and prices change constantly (more so with the Kindle than with paper books, it seems) we'd be forever updating and we're just too lazy to do that.

Hopefully sometime soon Amazon will provide the same service for Kindle books as they do for paper in which case we'll show more info.