Welcome to Kindle SF. This site aims to make finding - and buying - Science Fiction books for the Kindle easier than using the Kindle Store feature.

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NEW!! - You can now click an author's name and see all books by that author.

We like the Kindle Store but for Science Fiction it only really works when you know the name of the book or author you want to buy. It becomes much less useful when you just want to download any sci-fi book that you might like.

The listings are too full of free classics and cannot easily be re-ordered to show useful results you can browse through.

Our objective at Kindle SF is to provide search tools that allow you to pick specific elements of the genre so you can find the right sort of book - and buy it - without necessarily knowing a particular author or title.

We have 175 great sci-fi works in our library - and it's growing every day!

If you've got any suggestions for books to include, or anything else, you can contact us via our form, or on our Facebook page.

Looking for the old-fashioned paper versions? Try our sister site Easy SF.